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Customize T238+ weather station code

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to make a small mod to Will's code in order to be able to work with non-standard 1-wire family-codes.
As i explained before, I built from scratch my Humidity sensor, and buyed from E-bay some DS2434 IC's, well not really original ones, but some kind of "clones".
The problem was that T-238+ did not read humidity, but I was pretty sure that circuit was ok, so started to dive into code as far as I suspected from my DS2434 IC.

Thanks to Will's didactical written of code, was not very difficult to identify what should i change to get de Station working.

This article shows an Step-by-step guide to do that.

1- Build your humidity sensor.

2- Identify the sensor's address

To Identify your sensor address you need some hardware, and some software, hardware is DS9097U adapter, and software is linked website

3- So you got your address, and identify Family Code (in my particular case, ds2438 SHOULD have a FC as of 26 but it REALLY HAD a FC A6). This is the key.

4- Next you need to download the code files from Will's website (

5- Need compiler software from Pemicro. Software is ics08gpgtz_install.exe from (is a little hidden, but look for it), but it is on the pemicro's web and it's free.

6- Install compiler.

7- Download monitor software from Will's website.

8- Start the fun :-)

9- Use old (but useful cmd ms-dos), in windows, start, execute, cmd

10- Look for the string you need to change, (now is #$26), for this type 

Find /N "#$26" *.asm, (you are in de directory where the files are).  This command will return  a list with all places where this string appears (Find is the name of command, /N asks for locate the line wher the text appears "#$26", is the string you are looking for, note that "" are a must, *.asm means that you want to look this string on every file with .asm extension.

11- Print it.

12- Now you have lo look for in the files where the string #$26 appears, and substitute it for #$A6, you can use edit.exe or any other simple txt editor (notepad, etc.)

13- Compile the software for this you have to write "c:\pemicro\ics08gpgtz\casm08z.exe wx08.asm S", assuming you have your compiler on "c:\pemicro\ics08gpgtz\" casm08z.exe is the name of executable file, wx08.asm is the name of main t-238+ file, and "S" is the required order to produce the *.s19 file.

Was the process finished sucessfully?, if not, what file crashed?, modify the file with problem, and compile again, until you get a clean compiling process.

14- Copy the wx08.s19 file to the directory where you have the mon08.exe

15- connect T238+ to your computer's serial port (for example com1)

16- Start the T238+ in Monitor Mode (power on pressing Up and Down Buttons)

16- Upload the personalized software to the wxstn, and enjoy it.

(mon08.exe wx08.s19 1), (name of executable, name of s19 file and serial por number)


Note: Explain this is harder that doing it. Just play with it. Nothing can be broken, in the worst situation, you only neet to upload Will's last wx08.s19 file and you will have your wxstn "brand new".

You can think that would be easer to buy original DS2438 IC, and its true, but when i purchased those DS2438 I did not know that they wer "clones" another use of this tip is to change DS1994 real time clock, It is a hard to find part, and when i got it, I had the same problem with family codes.

Finally I must say that is a nice way to deep into code, and to make small changes on the T238+ as far as you can customize it.


A word of gratefulness for Will Beals: It is really nice to have this code open and explained to play with it because it become a powerfull tool for learning.







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